Ah hah, you thought I was going to say joy, didn’t you? Probably should have, it sounds better or better yet, politically correct. Isn’t that sad?  Did you read that Rosie ripped into Kelly Ripa regarding a comment Kelly made to Clay Aiken? Of course, on her new platform on the View. It was ridiculous. Kelly vs. Clay

You’ve probably noticed I get a little irritated with our society and how we allow our entertainers to set the standards of what is acceptable or not. Not all Christians are so closed minded, so shallow, so homophopic as Rosie states. FYI: Has Clay ever admitted to being gay? Not that I know of? The type of giving on this blog is not about labeling, sexual orientation, race, background, or religion. It’s about grace, it’s about compassion, it’s about Christ. So Rosie, my friend, chill out.