swim.jpgDo you ever notice the people around you? Do you take time to notice an opportunity? One afternoon I sat on a metal bench in a high school pool area watching my son finish up swim practice. There were a ton of preteens swimming back and forth, getting out in groups, giggling and running back to the other end. I noticed one girl who stood out. She wasn’t a swimmer type, she didn’t have the right swimming gear, she didn’t have a speedo and she couldn’t swim that well. On top of all those things, nobody really talked to her. She was the unknown swimmer. For the next week, I continued to watch her and was fascinated and impressed by her dedication to swim to the other end, and run back to the other end…alone.

Finally, their first swim meet arrived. I looked around for my son in the midst of all the kids hoping to catch his eye. He knew I was there even if he didn’t see me. And then I looked for the unknown swimmer. I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me, but there was a change in her. The other girls were talking to her and she beamed with excitement in her new hot red and dark blue speedo swim suit, her matching cap and the latest goggles. She looked like a swimmer and I have to admit, she looked good!

It only takes a notice to make a change in a person’s life. And you can do it anonymously.