Did anyone see the show about Ted, the homeless man on Oprah’s show who was given $100,000 to start life over again, but then failed and went back to being homeless? I only saw the last few minutes of the interview and it was interesting. But…hello…money can’t change the heart, only man can make a change with the help of God. The guy didn’t ask for the money and he didn’t ask for help. On the other hand, someone gave him the money as a gift to start over. He took it, but went back to what was his choice.

I had a conversation with my friend about it and here are a few thoughts we discussed. Why do we feel that we need to change someone’s ways because they choose to live a certain way? Why would we want them to live like us…when we work all day to make end’s meet or buy the next best gadget? Yes, I know that sometimes homelessness goes with illnesses, however, some do not. Isn’t this earthly life all about free will…choices we make? Why not do what we’re called to do…reach out and help others, then let God do the changing. It would have saved that producer $100,000.