For as long as I can remember, every new year I always say…”This is going to be a great year!” Well, I can honestly say 2006, hmmm, was one of my most interesting years. Here are a few recaps…I spent many long nights in a hospital caring for a loved one…A friend died…dealt with kid stuff (lots of it!)…I felt the pain of a broken heart…I learned the meaning of forgiveness…and cried many tears. Here a few more that made me smile…my son graduated from high school…bought a new home…got engaged…God gave me a new friend!

I have mixed emotions about the year. It has been hard, however, not as hard as many others. I can only say I love the life God has given me. The good, the bad, the joys, the love, the challenges. Would I trade places with anyone else? No…but I am looking forward to 2007…It’s gonna be a great year!