Everybody who is anybody! Interesting phrase if you think about it…You’ve heard it…Everybody who is anybody is going to be there. So is that the place to be? But who is “anybody” and why should we care if we are in that category? Who puts us there? And don’t you just love the person who really thinks they are somebody? Seriously, travel down the road a few miles and nobody will even know that somebody.

Why stress over trying to be somebody? When our time and purpose is over, we’re gone. And the next day…life goes on. Does anyone really remember us after time passes except the ones we love and love us? Isn’t it time to get over ourselves and  leave the legacy of compassion, love, and hope for the next generation regardless if we are just an ordinary person…a nobody in the eyes of the world? But you are somebody…a real somebody in the eyes of Christ.