We’ve all heard it before…you can forgive, but you can’t forget. Can you imagine if God treated us that way? Oh my dear child, I have forgiven you…but I’m keeping track and I’ll never forget how many times you have messed up!! Yikes, if that were the case, I’d keep God very busy trying to keep track of me.

I do believe you can forgive and forget! Like a forgiving spirit, you can have a forgetting spirit! And as a child of God, I believe that’s what He wants from us. We are to be like Him. Once you forgive, wipe the slate clean as if it never happened. Remember, love does not keep track of wrongs!

Let go of satan’s lies. Don’t let him remind you of the hurts and pain of this life. Once you have made the decision to forgive someone, forget their sin against you. You won’t be sorry!