The real world. There are 2.7 billion Christians in the world, and with all these ways we have to communicate with each other, to help each other…our world seems to be going crazy. Our personal relationships suffer, divorce rate continues to grow, parents can’t talk with their teens, teens can’t talk to their parents and teens can’t talk with other teens. They’re shooting each other! Churches keep growing, but so does crime. Lives are changing, but souls are still lost. Why?

This is the real world between light and darkness. The choices we make impact others. Mature Christians must continue to see the world as it is and not filter out the reality through rose colored glasses. We can’t ignore or bury what is happening around us. The reality is…we live in a fallen world, a world full of sin. But we must keep in mind, God’s dominion will rule in righteousness. Therefore, we must take our place, make our choices and stand for Christ. Only then will our reality change….The reality, however, is found in Christ. -Colossians 2:17.