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What If…

You took the hand of the one in need and lifted them up?
You gave and never expected anything back?
You said hello to the one that nobody ever notices?
You could love unconditionally?
You forgave the people who hurt you?
You gave up the things that are bringing you down?
You could let go of the control?
You took the time to be still…and know that He is God?


We’ve all heard it before…you can forgive, but you can’t forget. Can you imagine if God treated us that way? Oh my dear child, I have forgiven you…but I’m keeping track and I’ll never forget how many times you have messed up!! Yikes, if that were the case, I’d keep God very busy trying to keep track of me.

I do believe you can forgive and forget! Like a forgiving spirit, you can have a forgetting spirit! And as a child of God, I believe that’s what He wants from us. We are to be like Him. Once you forgive, wipe the slate clean as if it never happened. Remember, love does not keep track of wrongs!

Let go of satan’s lies. Don’t let him remind you of the hurts and pain of this life. Once you have made the decision to forgive someone, forget their sin against you. You won’t be sorry!

When I started this blog, I think one of my first writings was about Anna Nicole. I didn’t agree with her choices or lifestyle, but there was something about her that made me sad. And even now, my heart is heavy that with all that she had, she really didn’t have that much. Her family and friends betrayed her, she didn’t know who to trust, she lost her son, and then lost her life. And everyone seems to be down on Howard. Maybe, he did enable her? Who knows, but I think he truly cared about her and wanted to protect her. I hope so.

Regardless of her choices, her money, her men…it’s not for us to know or judge. I wish she would have had a friend to show her the way, who didn’t care about her money, her fame, her connections…just my opinion.

What is wrong with us? Last night while snowed in from the midwest blizzard, I was watching Larry King Live. His guest-Judge Judy. She cracks me up, but she states it like it is! Why do we glamorize our celebrities and let them set the standards for our society? They have kids, oh and then maybe get married, they party all night with no underwear with babies at home, they become our fashion icon…who was fashion Katie before Tom?? And we plaster them all over our magazines. Our news has become “People Magazine”. Can you imagine if we ignored all of it? Maybe, we’d get back to life and what is important. Maybe the snow is getting to me?

dungy.jpgI love Football! And I love the Colts! We went to the Superbowl yesterday and yes it rained…and rained…and rained!! But we won! The coolest part…Coach Dungy’s words last night…”We did it the Lord’s way!” He has such an awesome testimony…and millions heard him last night!

I changed my theme tonight because it’s freezing here! I just returned from the Virgin Islands, sunny, hot 85 degrees to freezing 5 degree and below zero tonight. It’s amazing how 80 degrees can change your outlook on things. Add another 100 degrees and you’ve turned your entire life completely around!

I’ll change the theme back when it get’s at least 32!

Have you ever had a friend in Christ who shows up in and out of your life and when they do they have something to say. Last night, a long time friend called very late in the evening to speak into my life. I have been struggling with wondering what God is doing with me…my inadequacies, my insecurities. I didn’t tell him about how I was feeling, but he told me a true story of a man who had a dream he met God. Long story short, the man complained about what he couldn’t do…and God told him to take his eyes off of himself…and focus on Him. And until he changed, God couldn’t use him for His will. Moses did the same thing.

When I get consumed with what I can do and my talents…the focus is on my God-given abilities. On the hand, when I focus on what I can’t do, I tend to think I’m humbling myself, but again, the focus is on me and what God is not doing in my life.  My friends’ words spoke loudly…”Keep your eyes on God, my friend, and watch what you will do in the lives of others.” I’m sure I won’t hear from him for another six months or so…

Everybody who is anybody! Interesting phrase if you think about it…You’ve heard it…Everybody who is anybody is going to be there. So is that the place to be? But who is “anybody” and why should we care if we are in that category? Who puts us there? And don’t you just love the person who really thinks they are somebody? Seriously, travel down the road a few miles and nobody will even know that somebody.

Why stress over trying to be somebody? When our time and purpose is over, we’re gone. And the next day…life goes on. Does anyone really remember us after time passes except the ones we love and love us? Isn’t it time to get over ourselves and  leave the legacy of compassion, love, and hope for the next generation regardless if we are just an ordinary person…a nobody in the eyes of the world? But you are somebody…a real somebody in the eyes of Christ.

Real Motives are the core of one’s soul. They are the needs or desires within us that cause us to act or react to a situation. Money, children, and jobs help us to start each new day. But what about God? Is the core of your existence motivated to do the God’s will? Sometimes our commitments and motivations are often made out of guilt, manipulation or appeasing others. The results of these actions always lead to disaster. So, before you make any major decisions, seek the Lord and pray. Question your motives. Are they right? Are they pure? Remember, Jesus walked in righteousness. He’s committed to His promises and He wants you to be committed to yours. Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did. – 1 John 2:6.

manning.jpgTonight is the AFC Championship game…and the score is 21/21. Let’s hope this is Manning’s year! Yes, I’m a Colts fan and have been waiting to go to the Superbowl for years now. And if we don’t make it…I’ll be too bummed to blog! Go Colts!