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Yikes! Oh My Goodness – I’m sorry if I offended anyone yesterday by using the OMG in the title of my first post in many months. But you know, OMG is not always used for acronym, Oh My God or Oh My Gosh. Acronym of OMG It’s interesting that someone would question my spiritual leadership by using OMG without evening knowing the intent of how it was being used and heart behind it. What do you see – does using an acronym give the appearance of using God’s name in vain? Can a man double sleeved in tattoos love Jesus? I have been in the Christian ministry world for many years and what I have seen is that we are quick to judge and shoot our own. It’s sad because if we are to be the light of the world and lead others to Jesus, we need to leave the judgement to Him and at the door. Otherwise, why anyone want to be a Christian?

The question now – what does Yikes mean? Just kidding 🙂


I am so sorry I’ve been away for so long! But I’ve been busy working for Jesus. We have a new publishing company – and our new faith bracelets/bible at . Looking forward to your comments and thoughts!