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The real world. There are 2.7 billion Christians in the world, and with all these ways we have to communicate with each other, to help each other…our world seems to be going crazy. Our personal relationships suffer, divorce rate continues to grow, parents can’t talk with their teens, teens can’t talk to their parents and teens can’t talk with other teens. They’re shooting each other! Churches keep growing, but so does crime. Lives are changing, but souls are still lost. Why?

This is the real world between light and darkness. The choices we make impact others. Mature Christians must continue to see the world as it is and not filter out the reality through rose colored glasses. We can’t ignore or bury what is happening around us. The reality is…we live in a fallen world, a world full of sin. But we must keep in mind, God’s dominion will rule in righteousness. Therefore, we must take our place, make our choices and stand for Christ. Only then will our reality change….The reality, however, is found in Christ. -Colossians 2:17.


Yikes! Oh My Goodness – I’m sorry if I offended anyone yesterday by using the OMG in the title of my first post in many months. But you know, OMG is not always used for acronym, Oh My God or Oh My Gosh. Acronym of OMG It’s interesting that someone would question my spiritual leadership by using OMG without evening knowing the intent of how it was being used and heart behind it. What do you see – does using an acronym give the appearance of using God’s name in vain? Can a man double sleeved in tattoos love Jesus? I have been in the Christian ministry world for many years and what I have seen is that we are quick to judge and shoot our own. It’s sad because if we are to be the light of the world and lead others to Jesus, we need to leave the judgement to Him and at the door. Otherwise, why anyone want to be a Christian?

The question now – what does Yikes mean? Just kidding 🙂

I’ve been reading Rob Morgan’s book, The Promise! It’s a must read. It’s based on Romans 8:28. We know All things work together for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. So if you’re having a bad day…8:28! 

Wow, it’s been awhile! No wonder I’m unknown 🙂 The other day I received an email from a friend to “pray”. How many times do we say we will pray for someone…it’s almost like we need to say it, but then we never really do. Or we may say a quick prayer and feel better about it. We just let other things fill our time. Just like me right now…I could be praying, but instead I’m blogging. I should be praying to the One that truly knows me and while I’m doing that, I will pray for you. I promise! Be back in a little while. 

Fake, Fake, Fake! In a Christian world of people who look the part, comes a person like Tammy Faye-fake eyelashes, tons of make-up, wild clothes, big hair…everything fake or were they?! Yes, a few things were fake, however, she had many qualities that were not…her heart, her passion for God and her forgiving spirit. She was real. And in the world of fakes, I’d choose her style any day. Maybe not her outwardly style, but definitely her heart style. She taught me a lot about forgiving people. She was amazing and I will miss her! 

Ok, everyone…it’s here. Cool Christian place to meet new friends. If you are looking for a Christian dating place, check it out at !

Life can sometimes bring you down, but today I want to encourage you. God is REAL and He is working in your life! Don’t get discouraged if things aren’t going your way. It’s not your way, it’s His way and trust me, you will get through it and see Him at the end. I’ve been there! And when you look back, you’ll be amazed at the journey. Please remember…He will never leave you, He will never forsake you. And at the end, your character will be amazingly strong. Never give up!


 As a single mother who has almost raised three sons, yes…3 sons, I’ve often looked back and asked myself the “what if’s?” Will my sons blame me for their mess ups? Probably. And then their kids will blame them! You know what I’m talking about…it’s universal!

Well if you’re anything like me…you probably didn’t have a clue about life when you started having children. You might be there right now. If so, I’d like to share with you…The Parent Codes! Trust me, you’ll have fun and will be able to relate!

I quit! Do you ever feel like quitting or giving up? I do. Sometimes life is like chasing the wind. You feel it, you know it’s there, it passes you by. And then it stops and all is quiet. This is the time to be still and know He is in control and has big plans for our lives!

What If…

You took the hand of the one in need and lifted them up?
You gave and never expected anything back?
You said hello to the one that nobody ever notices?
You could love unconditionally?
You forgave the people who hurt you?
You gave up the things that are bringing you down?
You could let go of the control?
You took the time to be still…and know that He is God?